Planning consultancy services

Founded in 2009 by Nathan McLoughlin, McLoughlin Planning offers a wide range of planning services for landowners and developers.


Property development

We have experience working with housebuilders, investment companies and big institutions as well as private individuals. Our advice has helped numerous development projects achieve planning consent from complex brownfield residential schemes to commercial projects such as town centre offices.

In addition, our experience working on the urban extensions to large towns and cities makes us an effective planning partner in the strategic promotion of your parcel of land through the development plan system.

Personal service

We pride ourselves on our personal approach and nowhere more so than with our private clients and rural landowners. So, whether you’re wondering how much you can extend your house by without needing planning permission, would like advice on development opportunities on your farm or estate, or need someone to help you steer through the planning for a new agricultural building, we’ll be pleased to help you reach a successful outcome.


“McLoughlin Planning work with Welbeck Land to promote greenfield urban extension sites. Their considered approach works in particular when dealing with delicate and complex local issues and enables land to be taken forward for development in sensitive high value areas.”

Housing development

At Mcloughlin Planning we work on a wide range of housing development projects, covering proposals from single dwellings through to large scale strategic development sites. Working on sites within and outside of settlement boundaries, allocated and unallocated for development. 

The government policy towards housing development encourages the delivery of housing to meet identified emerging needs and there is a need for LPAs to have an up-to-date supply of housing land. The key question in all cases is “what is the strategy?”, as having a clearly defined and well understood strategy is essential for the successful delivery of a development project. In so doing, we review all the relevant adopted and emerging planning policy guidance to provide a toolkit of policies and a map by which the case will be presented and run.

An important part of this process is understanding the local community, in terms of the challenges and issues it faces as well as building a dialogue with Parish Councils and Ward Members to understand their views on development. We also undertake assessments of towns and villages, to understand the services and facilities available, as well as identifying any potential issues where development can provide a benefit to the wider community.

Our approach is to prepare a well-considered and thorough case, which shows how the proposals comply with national and local planning policy and maximises the chances of securing planning permission.

How we can help you

  • Advise on where to look for future development sites, saving you time and money.
  • Calculation of 5-year housing land supply to support application on undeveloped sites.
  • Appraisal of a site’s development potential at the pre-acquisition stage as well as identification of key constraints to development.
  • Formulation of a planning strategy to be pursued in realising the development potential of a site.
  • Assembling and leading a consultant team to draw up a masterplan for a site.
  • Negotiations with the Local Planning Authority and other key stakeholders.
  • Considering the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and managing the screening and scoping process.
  • Managing the appeals process and acting as expert planning witness.

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Commercial development

At McLoughlin Planning, we’ve worked on a range of commercial projects for speculative as well as owner-occupier developments across a wide range of B1, B2 and B8 uses, in a variety of locations.

Economic development is heavily encouraged by government policy as it provides jobs and economic growth for areas where it takes place. In working on successful planning projects, our first objective is to understand the needs of your business and why it has to engage with the planning process. Your business is very important to you and equally to us as we look to avoid the planning system presenting unnecessary and unacceptable delays to your project, especially where there are key deadlines to be met for its delivery.

In delivering commercial projects, we liaise with Economic Development Officers at LPAs as well as with Local Enterprise Partnerships and political leaders and other community stakeholders. Whilst planning policy openly encourages economic development, this cannot be at the cost of environmental and social objectives, so we look to understand the full story behind the proposals to create the right strategy to ensure the timely delivery of projects.

How we can help you

  • Securing planning permission for extension of existing commercial premises.
  • Consideration of optimising planning conditions to enhance marketability of a site and overcome operational constraints.
  • Assessment of alternative uses and identification of barriers to redevelopment.
  • Negotiating with the Local Planning Authority.
  • Developing a consultant team with specialist skills.

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Private clients

At Mcloughlin Planning, we understand that engaging with the planning process can be a daunting prospect for those who are not involved with it on a day-to-day basis. When working with private clients, we want to take the time to explain how a planning process full of jargon works in plain english so that our private clients fully understand what we do, the chances of securing planning permission for what they aspire to and how we go about securing those aspirations.

We are also acutely conscious of the issues of fees for private client work and look to provide highly tailored and structured fee proposals for our time and involvement, so that at an early stage, the costs of any project are fully understood.

How we can help you

  • Planning advice to assist in probate valuations.
  • Advice on permitted development rights on how a property can be extended without planning permission.
  • Planning advice associated with the sale and purchase of properties.
  • Applications for new outbuildings, stable blocks and tennis courts.
  • Certificates of Lawful Use.

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Rural planning

Rural Planning is an important part of McLoughlin Planning as the company is proud to be a professional member of the CLA and provide advice for its members on a wider range of planning issues. Our team has extensive experience of dealing with all matters relating to rural property planning issues, whether that is for agricultural development, diversification operations, redevelopment of buildings or the selling of land for development.

We’re acutely aware that a number of our clients have long-standing established relationships with other agricultural advisors and agents and we are more than happy to work with them for the common objective of meeting our client’s aspirations. A number of national agents have used our specialist rural planning services over time to advise a series of farms and estates on a wide range of rural planning issues.

As a business, we’re active supporters of the CLA and other organisations, such at the Agricultural Valuers Association as well as giving guest seminars at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester.

How we can help you

  • Advice on farm diversification projects and strategies for pursuing them.
  • Obtaining Certificate of Lawful Use for equestrian enterprises.
  • Considering alternative uses for redundant farm buildings.
  • Securing planning permission for modern farm buildings, essential to agriculture
  • Providing strategic advice for an estate from a planning perspective.

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Strategic planning

A core function of Mcloughlin Planning is to provide clear and deliverable advice on the promotion of land through the development plan process. We have extensive experience of the identification of sites, assessing development potential as well as the promotion of sites as allocations through the Local Plan process, including giving evidence at Examinations in Public.

The key to strategy planning is have a clear understanding of the process, timelines and work required. We’ve worked on sites which are allocated for development, as well as those which are not and in both cases have successfully maintained an allocation or had land subsequently allocated for development. This includes a wide variety of locations, including land in the green belt as well as adjacent to AONBs.

 Our involvement has been from the very early stage, advising landowners and developers alike on the potential of land and site acquisition and disposal. At the heart of this is a site first approach where we seriously and diligently consider the long term strategic potential by having a detailed picture of the overall emerging development strategy for an LPA and the demands which will be placed on that strategy.

How we can help you

  • Preparation of representations promoting a site for development.
  • Advising on the formulation of a planning strategy to underpin the promotion of a site.
  • Assembling a consultant team to formulate proposals.
  • Giving evidence at Public Inquiries and Examinations in Public.
  • Advising on the implications of government reform to the development plan system.

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About us

McLoughlin Planning was established in June 2009 by its Managing Director, Nathan McLoughlin. It has a simple objective of providing high quality, results-orientated planning consultancy advice to a wide range of clients, where the focus is getting planning permission.

The company moved to North Warehouse, Gloucester Docks in 2013 and is based in modern office accommodation overlooking the Dock Basin from where it can service a wide range of clients in southern and central England and Wales. We are not geographically tied to a particular location and do work all over the country, based on the solid reputation the company and its team enjoys.



We consider the fees for each project on its own individual merits and offer a fee situation which is tailored to the specific circumstances of the client. In all cases, we offer a schedule of activities associated with a project, with specific costs attached to them, so the client is fully aware of where costs are being incurred and what time is being spent on a project. We have made considerable investment in combined timesheet and project management software.


The team at McLoughlin Planning is its key asset, with a wide range of planning skills, we’re able to provide a full spectrum service on planning matters covering development control, development plan and enforcement work, as well as dealing with planning issues where they’re relevant to other property matters.

McLoughlin Planning is an ambitious company and we’re always open to receiving a CV on a speculative basis from individuals. We look for ambitious and highly motivated individuals with a good knowledge of the planning system (relative to their experience) and keen to work with an ambitious, growing company.

In terms of the benefits we offer, aside from a competitive package, we offer an encouraging and supportive environment for our team.

How to find us

McLoughlin Planning
North Warehouse
Gloucester Docks
Tel: 01452 835614